Zumba is not just a kind of a workout, but its also fun and an effective way to make you stronger and healthier. Our certified Zumba instructor will teach you the most effective moves of Zumba.


Yoga is one of the best ways to make us flexible and strengthy. Become a member of MeandFitness to learn Yoga Asanas.


Strength X develops our bodies and athletic potential: mobility, strength. Strength X classes are included in all plans of MeandFitness

Our Objective

MeandFitness’s main objective is to provide efficient and effective fitness classes which make member’s journey towards Fitness an easier one. Our plans are cost-effective and affordable to all. We are located in the prime location of the city.

Next Steps…

Join MeandFitness to reach your fitness goals… We have the best plans which are suitable to everyone.